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A few months ago I bought a Creality Ender 3D Pro 3D Printer. Over that time, I've come up with a number of 3D printed solutions to problems or obstacles related to RC.I don't expect all of the things you'll see in this video to apply to your requirements, but if you watch it, I think you'll find that with a little imagination, you can create awesome solutions to challenges you might be facing both within and outside of the RC hobby.You also don't need to be an RC hobbyist to benefit from what you'll see in the video as my intent in sharing it is drive ideation. I hope the video inspires you to think creatively about using 3D printers to solve problems.Links to 3D Objects in Video: Hubsan Zino Pro Prop Clips: FPV Pan Tilt: VTX Mount for Pan Tilt: GoPro Hero 5 Mount: Taranis Buttons: Taranis Dock: Pegboard Bin: XT60 Cap: Deans Cap v1: Deans Cap v2:

January is Over!

[Less Than 11 Months till Christmas]

Ok, what just happened? Can you believe the first month of 2020 is already in the rear view mirror? In January, RCVR completed its first Sweepstakes (giveaway). We sent out an awesome G32 Tomcat Motor to Delaware RC Man while Michael N won a sweet new Detrum Gavin 6C Radio and MSR66A receiver with stabilizer.

I also have officially added a camera man to help capture flight footage. Chris and I are both members of the same flying club and he has graciously volunteered to operate one of the main cameras when I’m at the field trying to juggle planes, drones, and digital recorders all while trying to evaluate aircraft for the channel and narrate a story. Since moving to the multi-angle video format, the AV duties have intensified to say the least. Anyway, please stop by the channel on YouTube and say hello to Chris in the comments. He’s been doing a great job learning to capture RC planes in-flight.

Next Up – Jets

If you’re a subscriber to the channel, you probably know I’ve been working with Bitgo Hobby lately performing product reviews. They recently sent me an EDF and brushless motor setup to put on “The Judge“. Of course, I didn’t have an airframe to put it in, so I consulted with channel viewers and landed on the Freewing Rebel v2 from Motion RC. So that plane is next on the build table.

Other Projects

Chris and I also have another Top Secret thing in the planning stages. I can’t say much about it, but I can say I’ve never seen anything like it on YouTube. So, if you’re not a subscriber, you should definitely consider subbing (it’s free) to the channel and turning on notifications. You won’t want to miss the upcoming project.

Latest Unbox

Take a look at the RCVR unbox of the Dynam FW-190. This plane is the latest in a string of Dynam first look videos on the channel and it definitely did not disappoint.

Flying with Stabilization

Ever want see the value of flight stabilization? This video shows how a stabilizer reduces your flight workload and lets you fly in more challenging conditions. Stabilizers run the gamut from basic 3 axis gyros like the Turnigy Aerostar SRS in the Millennium Master shown in the video to full on flight computers like the Eagletree Vector. This video demonstrates just how much workload stabilizers can offload in windy or gusty conditions. To emphasize the point, the Millennium Master is a 42″ EPO foam plane. Some pilots at the field with much larger balsa planes sat it out the day this video was recorded.

Fixing an Out of Balance Cell

This video shows you how to get a problem cell back in balance when your balance charger isn’t cutting it. The video below shows just one of many ways to deal with out of balance cells. The important takeaway? It worked. This pack is back in balance now and has stayed that way since the correction. This will do nothing to correct IR discrepancies among cells so if you have a pack that’s gone over the hill, the best you can expect with this technique is to get a little more life out of it. Read this post for more information.