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The RC Video Reviews website is designed to be a companion to my YouTube channel. I put the site together to augment information in videos I’ve made about building, flying, and reviewing Radio Controlled Electric Airplanes. It can be difficult to capture everything in a video–especially when there is flying involved; therefore, the articles here are meant to augment information in the videos.

Additionally, part of the fun of this wonderful hobby is sharing the experience and talking about it with other hobbyists which is why there is a registration option for visitors. I encourage you to register and participate in discussing what you find on RC Video Reviews especially if you have experience in a given topic.

So, enjoy the website. I look forward to sharing the hobby with you.

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Latest RCVideoReviews.com Video

This is a first look at an array of of Detrumtech products: Radios, Receivers, Flight Controllers, and Stabilizers. I had no previous idea Detrum was in the Radio Tx/Rx business until now. I had a chance to unbox and review a surprisingly complete range of products. Detrum has an interesting strategy in their higher end products related to remote configuration. See the video for more information. This products in the video were provided by http://bitgohobby.com - Blitz DT-9 Tx - Gavin 6C Tx - Gavin 6A Tx - SR86A-G Rx with Stab and GPS - MSR66A Rx with Stab - Z3 Flight Controller with Stab and GPS - 3in1 Programming Card

Latest Unbox

This is the http://rcvideoreviews.com unbox of the Tower Hobbies Ryan STA. I saw this plane at the field one day and wanted one on the spot. Unfortunately, it has been out of stock for months. Tower finally re-stocked them and I jumped on one. Watch the video to see why.

Flying with Stabilization

Ever want see the value of flight stabilization? This video shows how a stabilizer reduces your flight workload and lets you fly in more challenging conditions. Stabilizers run the gamut from basic 3 axis gyros like the Turnigy Aerostar SRS in the Millennium Master shown in the video to full on flight computers like the Eagletree Vector. This video demonstrates just how much workload stabilizers can offload in windy or gusty conditions. To emphasize the point, the Millennium Master is a 42″ EPO foam plane. Some pilots at the field with much larger balsa planes sat it out the day this video was recorded.

Fixing an Out of Balance Cell

This video shows you how to get a problem cell back in balance when your balance charger isn’t cutting it. The video below shows just one of many ways to deal with out of balance cells. The important takeaway? It worked. This pack is back in balance now and has stayed that way since the correction. This will do nothing to correct IR discrepancies among cells so if you have a pack that’s gone over the hill, the best you can expect with this technique is to get a little more life out of it. Read this post for more information.