Respect and Admiration

With Covid-19 creating havoc throughout the world, I wanted to take a moment to offer my respect and admiration to first responders, medical personnel, retail personnel (grocery/pharmacy/gas station), food producers, truckers, production line workers, delivery service personnel, energy and utility personnel, military/national guard personnel, government workers and officials, undertakers, and ALL other critical services personnel who are going to work every day in the face of this disaster in order to continue providing services to the rest of us.

I would especially like to thank the nurses, doctors, paramedics, EMTs, and all other front line medical support personnel. You are in the trenches, you are standing up in the face of live fire, and you are battling back. Stay strong. This battle would be lost without you.

Thank You. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

RC Video Reviews News and Updates – 4/7/20RC Video Reviews

With Covid-19 changing our world, Florida has issued a stay-at-home order and our flying field is closed. As such, my ability to post flight videos is restricted until the stay-at-home order is lifted. With these constraints, I will continue to publish workbench and first look videos to the best of my ability.

Please keep an eye on the channel and if you’re new to RC Video Reviews, this would be a great time for you to view a substantial library of videos I’ve posted over the years to get up-to-speed on my background in RC.

RC Video Reviews Latest Video

The latest RC Video Reviews video is always available right here. Feel free to watch below or to visit on YouTube.

This OpenTx Tutorial shows you how to create audible and haptic alerts when you move a slider (or knob) to the detent. I am well aware the 2nd slider alerts can be handled easily with a second set of Special Functions--easy and clean; however, in the spirit of exploring logic capabilities of the radio and showing there are multiple methods to accomplish objectives with OpenTx, I opted to demonstrate another method. If you want to keep it simple, just add a second set of Special Functions for the other sliders/pots. That will work just fine. Join me on Patreon and help support the channel: My Affiliate links for Amazon and Banggood. Anything you buy using my links will generate a small commission for the channel: Amazon: Banggood: T-Shirts: Radiomaster TX16s Jumper T18 Pro OpenTx Tutorial Howto Setup Flight Modes Global Variables OpenTx Programming Guide RC Radio Transmitter RC Plane Radio Controlled Plane Setup Beginners Intermediate Advanced Help Advice Demonstration Radiomaster TX16s Jumper T18 OpenTx Radios

2020 Our Hobby is in Serious Danger

Hopefully you are aware of what’s happening inside the FAA regarding Drone ID and the resulting impacts to our hobby. If not, you should watch this video and then keep reading.

Now that the comment period is over, we need to be prepared for what’s next. In this article I put together a forecast of what I believe will happen based on information I’ve gathered from various news and information sources.

IMPORTANT: Just because the comment period is over does not mean you can no longer exercise your rights as a citizen to keep working against the FAAs plan to decimate RC. You can and should start communicating with your congressional representatives if you haven’t done so already. You have two senators and a house rep. TELL THEM what you think. Write letters, call their offices, send e-mail, send faxes. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to get involved and be heard if you want this hobby to survive and be available to your children and grandchildren.