Bitgo Hobby: Channel Partner and Affiliate Program Announcement


If you follow the RC Video Reviews YouTube channel, you already know RCVR and Bitgo Hobby have partnered to bring you a wide range of product videos including airplanes, motors, speed controllers, radio equipment, flight controllers, and stabilizers. 

As a result of the ongoing relationship between RC Video Reviews and Bitgo Hobby, I am pleased to announce that RC Video Reviews is now part of the Bitgo Hobby affiliate program. I feel very comfortable recommending Bitgo Hobby as the leading provider of Dynam RC Airplanes, Tomcat Motors, Detrum Stabilizers and Autopilots, Skylord ESCs, and Gavin Radio/Receiver equipment. 

Over the past several months I’ve done my best to provide a fair and balanced assessment from the point of view of the typical consumer. My primary focus has been to show you what you get. That means demonstrations, measurements, comparisons, and opinion. No matter the outcome, good or bad, I shared what I saw and told you the same thing I’d tell my friends. Based on those evaluations and my experience utilizing their consumer fulfillment system, I encourage you to check Bitgo Hobby first if you’re in the market for Dynam Planes, those excellent Tomcat motors, or any other products in the Detrum family of products.

I would also be grateful if you consider using the affiliate links I have in every video covering Detrum products. By using my affiliate links, RCVR receives a small referral commission that costs you nothing, and as of this writing, all revenue earned by the channel is spent on equipment for review.RC Video Reviews


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