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It can be difficult to get all the important information conveyed in a video, so the articles below are intended to compliment material in the associated video. Videos are also one-way delivery mechanisms, meaning I talk, you listen. The blog/article format gives us a chance to interact and share ideas. So if you haven’t registered yet, please take a look at the Membership section in the menu above, register, and share your thoughts. Finally, by registering, you can help influence future topics by letting me know what you’d like to see.

Dynam Airplanes – What’s New?
Unusual Opportunity to Evaluate If you follow RCVR on YouTube you know I’ve been working closely with Bitgo Hobby on…
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FAA Proposed Drone Rules
Action Alert The FAA Proposed New Drone Rules – You’ll want to read this one. Our federal agency addiction to…
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Chapter 11
Hobbico Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
What Happened? In an all-too-often occurrence these days, another hobby company is under duress. Hobbico, one of the largest distributors…
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100mph Plane
100mph Foam Board Plane?
Flying Foam Board Fast: 100mph Fast! If you follow my blog here on or my YouTube Channel, you’ll know I’ve become…
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The Best RC Trainer For Beginners
What Makes a Plane the Best RC Trainer You Can Get? You’re going to get tons of opinions on this.…
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How to Fix an Out of Balance LiPo Cell
Out of Balance LiPo Cells One of the most popular videos I’ve ever posted on my YouTube channel is how…
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Test e-mail Post
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Tower Hobbies Sport EP ARF 60″ Build Review
Tower Hobbies Sport – Seriously Good Deal The Tower Hobbies Sport EP ARF is a 60″ wingspan low wing sport…
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Top Flite Mini Contender Build Review
Botton Line Up Front (BLUF) This article details the build review of the Top Flite Mini Contender ARF from Tower…
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