Happy New Year!

January and February are going to be busy months for the channel as I have two fully equipped FPV planes to finish building and to get them flying. The AR Wing Pro is complete and ready to maiden. It’s actually been done for a few weeks but Covid made it’s way through our house so I had to quarantine for a few weeks.

The AR Wing Pro is setup to travel with the stock Sunnysky 2216 1400Kv motor, 4s 5000mah LiPo, and a Crossfire Nano Receiver. I’m using a standard 5.8ghz VTX and I have the Runcam2 mounted on the top deck for some nice HD footage while flying.

In addition to the AR Wing Pro, I also need to get the Strix Globin in the air. This little hot rod is mostly assembled as of mid-January, but it needs the electronics installed. I’ll be flying this plane with the original PnP Motor – The Cobra 2217 2300Kv with a 6×4 prop and 4s battery. The Goblin also has a Matek F722-WPX Flight Controller and a Radiomaster R161 s.Bus receiver.


Did you know there are articles right here on the website? Yeah, in addition to the videos on YouTube, I also write supplemental articles for certain products. I just put some material together on the whole Radioking TX18s entry into the multi-protocol OpenTx radio market. Check it out!

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Have you ever noticed RCVideoReviews.com is ad free? I must be the last website on the entire Internet without ads. I can turn ads on with the flick of a switch–believe me, they’re installed and working. I made this decision because I am SO SICK AND TIRED of having ads stuffed in my face everywhere I go. So I’ve opted to take a different approach. I’ve recently added affiliate links and opened a Patreon.com account.

You can help keep rcvideoreviews.com ad free by joining me on Patreon and using my affiliate links. If I can generate enough income from alternative channels, I would even turn ads off on the YouTube videos–ALL OF THEM, but that can only happen by developing revenue streams outside of YouTube. If you are willing to help, keep reading.

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The latest RC Video Reviews video is always available right here. Feel free to watch below or to visit on YouTube. The descriptions below the video have turned into a real bodge job ever since I started adding things like affiliate links. I’ll apologize for the text beneath this video up front–so just go watch the video and read the description on YouTube! 🙂

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