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The RC Video Reviews website is designed to be a companion to my YouTube channel. I put the site together to augment information in videos I’ve made about building, flying, and reviewing Radio Controlled Aircraft. It can be difficult to capture everything in a video–especially when there is flying involved; therefore, the articles here are meant to augment information in the videos.

Additionally, part of the fun of this wonderful hobby is sharing the experience and talking about it with other hobbyists which is why there is a registration option for visitors. I encourage you to register and participate in discussing what you find on RC Video Reviews especially if you have experience in a given topic. So, enjoy the website. I look forward to sharing the hobby with you.

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RC Video Reviews.com

What to expect at RC Video Reviews

RC Video Reviews is here to pass along information I’ve learned during the course of my time in Radio Controlled flying. You might be wondering why my point of view should matter, so I’ll share a little of my background:

I became a licensed pilot before the age of 18 followed by 4 years in the US Navy flying as a helicopter crewman. Then I worked for 25 years engineering telecommunications systems. I’m also a Ham Radio Technician. The long and short of it is: I’ve been an aviation enthusiast since long before the government let me touch the controls of an airplane and I’ve got a habit of diving deep into topics I like.

In summary:
    • Over 1000 hours of full scale flight experience as pilot and crew
    • Over 1000 logged radio control flights
    • Professional engineering experience
    • Licensed HAM Technician

While there are countless Youtube channels and websites providing RC reviews, I have yet to find one that focuses in the areas I’m personally interested in–namely fixed wing electric. Quads are everywhere and are little more than a distraction to me. Fortunately, this website and my Youtube channel are not primary sources of income, so I have the luxury of focusing on what I care about and don’t have to pursue the hot tickets. That said, here are the topics you can expect to find discussed here:

  • Fixed Wing Electric Planes (Balsa, EPO, EPP, etc…)
  • Supporting Equipment – Batteries, Chargers, Motors
  • Radio Tech – Specifically Taranis/FrSky and Dragonlink
  • Flight Computers/Stabilization
  • FPV Equipment

How Will it Work?

In the first RC Video Reviews article, I explain how I plan to structure reviews. Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more about it.

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