Top 10 RC Plane Build Review Videos

The RC Video Reviews YouTube Channel has playlists arranging video content into groups such as build review videos, technical videos, how-to’s, maiden flights, and others. Based on YouTube metrics, I’ve listed The Top 10 RC Plane Build Review videos from the YouTube channel here for your convenience. Given the wide range of airplanes for which I’ve posted build videos, I’m a little surprised at the dominance of the warbird category. We’ll see if the warbirds stay in control of the view count after a few months.  RC Plane Build Review

1. Phoenix Model Spitfire Build Review

This RC plane build review video gets more views than anything else in my hangar–by a stretch even though it’s a relatively late addition. It’s a great looking airplane and it looks simply majestic in the air. Phoenix Model did an amazing job with this plane. The dimensions are perfect and there is absolutely no mistaking what this plane is in the sky.

2. Mini Talon Build and Maiden Flight

The Mini Talon is a super sleek and efficient airplane designed for long range FPV: Yes, LONG RANGE. It is so efficient that it’s watts per mile is higher than anything else out there, but you have to fly it fast. At 50mph, this plane covers more ground than just about anything else on the market.

3. Dynam F6F Hellcat

This is another popular build video. I don’t know what it is about the F6F Hellcat, but this build video gets lots of hits. I actually sold this plane to a friend some time ago because I got bored with it.

4. Dynam F4U Corsair

Many think the Spitfire was the best looking WWII fighter; however, I think the Corsair gives the Spitfire a run for its money. Not sure what it is about those gull wings and that dark paint, but it just works. I became a fan of the F4U Corsair while watching the TV Series Baa Baa Blacksheep as a kid.

5. Dynam Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is another stylish warfighter from WWII. Who can deny the grace and majesty of this bird in the air? The elliptical wing is beautiful and menacing at the same time. Unfortunately this 47″ class Dynam plane suffers from the same landing roll-out tip over issue as the 47″ Mustang; however, it flies great with a 4s battery.

6. Phoenix Model Pilatus PC-9

The Pilatus PC-9 is a serious looking airplane with elegant lines, retractable tricycle landing gear, and a strong motor. Since it doesn’t have flaps, landing speed can be a little quick. The red and white color scheme is excellent for visibility and the PC-9 is one fast moving airplane due to its sleek design. I had no idea before I purchased this plane how popular it is as a worldwide military trainer. Even the United States uses a variant of this airframe known as the T-6 Texan II which is the product of a partnership between Pilatus and Beechcraft.

7. GWS C-47 Skytrain

I got hold of 4 GWS C-47’s for $20 during a 4th of July sale in 2016 and even though it’s a cool little airplane, it is brittle because it’s made from old fashioned styrofoam. It would be great to see GWS re-tool for an EPO version of the plane because they’d probably sell a ton. This RC Plane Build Review is one of my favorites because it is a small little plane with a customized livery and it was fun to build.

8. Crash Test Hobby Albatross

If you need to recommend a trainer for somebody, you should probably look at this plane. I trained my son with the Albatross and let me tell you, it can take a punch because it’s made from durable EPP foam. In addition to durability, it has superb flying characteristics for beginners. Take a look at the Best RC Trainer Money Can Buy post for more information.

9. Video Aerial Systems Banshee

I have lots of hours flying this EPP design from VAS and even though I’ve crashed it a few times due to stupidity, it has never taken more than some CA to get it back in the air. The VAS Banshee happens to be an awesome proximity FPV plane because it’s very maneuverable, it can fly flow, and it’s small enough to go just about anywhere.

10. Dynam P-51 Mustang

I used the Big Beautiful Doll livery from Callie Graphics on this P-51 Mustang because I couldn’t take the ugly stock Green Bay Packers scheme from Dynam (yes, I’m a Bears fan). I have a love hate relationship with this plane because even though it takes off and flies great, landing is a coin toss. It takes a seriously finesse landing to keep it from nosing over (grass or runway).