RC Video Reviews – Review Process and Game Plan

The review process until now…

The videos on my Youtube channel (formerly jmxp69) have been ad hoc. Every video I made covered something meaningful to me at the time. With the launch of the RC Video Reviews website my plan is to formalize the review process while linking the articles capabilities of the website with the video delivery capabilities of Youtube.

In practice, this means for Build Reviews, Flight Reviews, and Equipment Evaluations I plan on implementing a basic scoring system for each RC Plane, Brushless Motor, Flight Stabilizer, Lipo battery, etc…etc…reviewed to go along with the videos I post on Youtube. The problem with numerical scoring systems is subjectivity. My numerical evaluation or assessment might differ from yours as we both may place higher or lower values on a given aspect, and our skills in handling various problems might differ rendering a variance on how we each score results.

Here’s an example

If I review an ARF RC plane that has lots of wrinkles in the iron on covering, I may give a low score if I don’t like fiddling with iron on coverings. You, on the other hand, are an iron on covering ninja. So a few wrinkles aren’t worth a deduction at all, let alone a low score. See the problem?

There is no answer to this one because of subjectivity. All I can do is give my best and most impartial opinion paired with video and photographic evidence. Your role is to learn how I score, then use the videos and pictures to make your own assessments. Of course discussion is worthwhile too and I hope to see you engage in the review process.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t found the perfect RC airplane yet. I have some favorites, but every product seems to have a shortfall somewhere. That’s ok though, part of what makes this hobby fun and challenging is figuring out how to solve problems or to make improvements to a system. So, as you read/watch reviews, don’t take criticism personally. In my experience, life is imperfect.
RC Video Reviews.com Review Process

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