It can be challenging to get every bit of information in a YouTube video, so occasionally I augment videos with written articles. Enjoy!

100mph Plane
Flying Foam Board Fast: 100mph Fast! If you follow my blog here on or my YouTube Channel, you'll know I've become
What Makes a Plane the Best RC Trainer You Can Get? You're going to get tons of opinions on this.
Out of Balance LiPo Cells One of the most popular videos I've ever posted on my YouTube channel is how
Tower Hobbies Sport - Seriously Good Deal The Tower Hobbies Sport EP ARF is a 60" wingspan low wing sport
Botton Line Up Front (BLUF) This article details the build review of the Top Flite Mini Contender ARF from Tower
RC Video Reviews
The review process until now... The videos on my Youtube channel (formerly jmxp69) have been ad hoc. Every video I